PS5: Sony reveals how to install SSD and liquid metal cooling

The interior of the PlayStation 5 ( PS5 ) was revealed by Sony on Wednesday (7). The video on YouTube shows step by step how to disassemble the console, although the company is clear in not recommending that ordinary users do this at home. Among the highlights, the content shows how to install an extra SSD and how to remove the base to use the video game horizontally.

In addition, the material features a cooling system that, confirming rumors, uses liquid metal as an interface between processor and heat sink for quieter and more efficient operation from the thermal point of view. The novelty promises to make the device quieter than the PS4 and PS4 Pro, which received complaints about the “turbine noise” when playing heavy games.

PS5: Sony reveals how to install SSD and liquid metal cooling
PS5: Sony reveals how to install SSD and liquid metal cooling

The video is just over seven minutes long. The content points out that going to the end when disassembling the console at home violates the warranty against manufacturing defects, in addition to putting the user at risk of electrical discharges.

However, the process of removing the white plastic plates that surround the PS5 does not compromise the warranty and can be carried out to clean two dust collecting ducts. The video displays the colon and indicates that you can vacuum the natural accumulation of particles and dirt in those places to ensure greater efficiency in cooling the device over time.

Removing these cards is also necessary to gain access to the M2 slot in a compartment reserved for installing an extra PCIe 4.0 SSD as a way to increase storage capacity. The PS5 comes standard with 825 GB of capacity in an SSD that, soldered on the motherboard, cannot be removed by the user.

After that point, proceeding with disassembly involves breaking security seals and breaching the warranty, necessary measures to gain access to the console’s motherboard.

Liquid metal cooling

A Sony patent already anticipated the design, which, according to the video, took two years to develop. The PS5 uses a liquid metal compound as an interface that connects the surface of the processor to the heat sink.

As the metal is a great heat conductor, the PS5’s processor promises to be very efficient in changing temperatures with the cooling system. This should make the device much quieter than the PS4 and PS4 Pro, famous for the “turbine noise” when playing heavy games. source: