How to Play Genshin Impact in Online Multiplayer With Friends

Playing Genshin Impact with friends in online multiplayer is possible by following a few tips. Many players are unaware of their online cooperative multiplayer and crossplay, which is not accessible right away: first, you need to invest a few hours in the single-player. When reaching level 16 of “Adventure Rank”, the user can invite other people to his world or visit theirs. Remember that the RPG game is available for free download on PlayStation 4 ( PS4 ), Android, iPhone ( iOS ), and PC. The title became a hit recently and surpassed 17 million downloads in just four days after launch.

The Adventure Rank can be checked in the game menu and, to reach level 16, the effort is required. Following the game’s main campaign takes the player roughly to Rank 12, until a mission requires him to be at 18 to continue. From this moment on, it is necessary to do side missions and other types of tasks to earn XP adventure. The player receives adventure XP when making sacrifices for the Statue of Seven, activating teleport points on the map, opening chests, and completing temple challenges. When you reach level 16, check out what to do next.

How to Play Genshin Impact in Online Multiplayer With Friends
How to Play Genshin Impact in Online Multiplayer With Friends

The game’s multiplayer is “crossplay”, which means that users can play together regardless of the platform they are on. However, there are some limitations, such as not being able to carry out campaign missions with your friends. Players who visit your world are also not allowed to open their chests and can only pick up items that enemies leave behind.

How to play Genshin Impact in online multiplayer

Step 1. Reach level 16 in the Adventure Rank when performing missions and other tasks;

Step 2. Open the in-game menu and select the “Multiplayer” option;

Step 3. Select “Request Entry” to join another user’s game;

Step 4. If you want to play with a specific person in your world, select “Friends” from the menu;

Step 5. Select “Insert UID” and add your friend’s identification number. This number is always shown in the lower right corner of the game.