Five Tips to Take Care of Your Wooden Furniture

The wooden furniture is a classic in every home. That is why this type of furniture is usually the one that brings more headaches. But do not worry, if you want to fix the scratches or clean the stains of the wood, follow these small tips to restore your furniture to its original shine.

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1. To clean your wooden furniture use a rag with hot water and some mild soap. Use an old toothbrush to reach the most difficult areas. Dry the dirt on the furniture surface with a cloth or paper so as not to damage the wood.

2. The best way to protect your wooden furniture is to use a good wax. After cleaning, apply a thin layer of wax on the wood. Wait five minutes and lightly polish the furniture with a soft bristle brush or cloth. After another 30 minutes, polish the wood again with a little more vigor. This way you will get your furniture to recover its original shine.

3. Keep your furniture away from the sun. High temperatures damage wood finishes and can cause furniture to break.

4. If your wooden furniture has small scratches, you can fix them with some shoe wax. Make sure that the color of the bitumen fits well with that of the wood to make scratches less visible.

5. To eliminate the undesirable rings that remain in the wood after putting hot glasses on it, apply ashes mixed with olive oil on the furnitureLeave it on and then remove it with a cloth.